World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry on June 05-06, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

The 23rd World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry will be held in London, UK from June 05–06, 2023, with the topic “Shaping a healthy and sustainable food chain through knowledge." The Food Chemistry Conferences Committee extends its warm greeting to all attendees. Participating in FOOD CHEMISTRY CONGRESS 2023 will give you a fantastic opportunity to interact with top-tier nutrition specialists, food chemists, clinical nutritionists, dieticians, and industry experts, opening a channel for partnerships and collaborations.

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The two-day FOOD CHEMISTRY CONGRESS 2023 Conference features workshops, symposiums, and unique keynote talks from eminent speakers who go above and beyond in the fields of chemistry and nutrition. As we facilitate a Poster Award Competition and Young Research Forum at the meeting venue, this Food Chemistry Conferences also encourages the active participation of young students and talented understudy groups from universities and research labs, providing an ideal space to share the latest advancements in the Nutrition and Dietetics research and upcoming analysts and sprouting researchers.

Importance and Scope:

Food Chemistry

Food Drug Analysis

Food Additives

Food Nutrition and Health

Food Bio-Actives

Food Processing & Preservation

Food Packaging

Food Laws & Safety

Food Nanotechnology

Diet in Obesity and Underweight

Food Components, Additives and Ingredients

Food Industry and Health Hazards

Food and Mental Health

Environmental Impact on Food Production & Consumption

Authenticity and Integrity of Food

Junk Food and Diabetes

Food Nutrition

Food Microbiology

Agriculture and Resource Economics

Artificial Intelligence for Food

Analytical Food Chemistry

Chemical reactions in foods

Food Structure and Food Quality

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Description Price Date
Speaker EUR 1000.00 Before January 31, 2023