World Congress on Breast Cancer Research & Therapies on February 15-16, 2024 in Rome, Italy

Welcome to the 14th World Congress on Breast Cancer Research & Therapies, a pioneering global platform dedicated to advancing the frontiers of breast cancer research, treatment, and patient care. Scheduled to take place from February 15th & 16th, 2024, in the captivating city of Rome, Italy, this conference brings together leading experts, oncologists, researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals from around the world.

At the 14th World Congress on Breast Cancer Research & Therapies, our mission is clear: to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange among professionals committed to eradicating breast cancer. With breast cancer being one of the most prevalent and impactful diseases globally, our congress aims to address its multifaceted challenges through cutting-edge research, multidisciplinary discussions, and breakthrough therapeutic approaches.


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Immunotherapy and Breast Cancer:

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Breast Cancer Surgery:

Metastatic Breast Cancer:

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Male Breast Cancer Research:


Reconstruction of Breast Cancer:

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