The NewSpace Africa Conference on April 02-05, 2024 in Luanda, Angola

The NewSpace Conference 2024 is a high-level gathering of industry leaders, academia, national space agencies and other critical stakeholders to share insights and ideas for the growth and transformation of the African space industry. 

As African governments intensify their efforts and investments to develop their respective local space ecosystems and more commercial space companies take root on the continent, the need to create enabling environments for innovation to thrive to solve developmental challenges and meet sustainable goals like the SDG 1, No Poverty, has never been more critical. Thus, the conference will highlight Africa’s potential for growth and development while suggesting a forward-looking perspective and emphasising empowerment, innovation, and collaboration within the industry. Furthermore, the conference will explore every aspect of space and satellite technology, policy, and business opportunities in Africa while also bringing to the foreground the potential impact of cooperation frameworks between stakeholders to achieve common goals in the industry and on the continent. 

The conference will create productive collaborations, strengthen existing partnerships to explore new markets and identify gaps and challenges that can hinder the growth of the African NewSpace ecosystem while devising opportunities to fill them by extending the prospects to explore and nurture alliances between local and international audiences through a one-of-a-kind exposure for stakeholders. The 4-day conference will feature selected keynotes, interactive sessions, B2B, B2C and B2G matchmaking, exhibitions and unique networking opportunities.


Name: Space in Africa
Address: 24 Ekololu Street, Surulere, 101283, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Space in Africa holds a distinctive role as the custodian of all space and satellite industry-related data throughout the African continent. Our unique position as a pan-African entity, with operational reach and experience spanning the entire continent, sets us apart in space and satellite data management. By serving as the custodian of such data, we play a pivotal role in collecting, organising, and disseminating critical information and insights essential to the growth and development of the African space and satellite industry.