Solarplaza Summit Baltics 2023 on March 16, 2023 in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

Solar PV’s Role in Redefining the Baltic Power Markets

Regional B2B conference to facilitate high-level knowledge & network sharing in the Baltics

As the Baltic region aims to grow its energy independence and shake up its power markets, it's looking up to the sun for solutions. The Solarplaza Summit Baltics will take stock of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian solar PV markets and will provide insights, inspiration, and connections to help accelerate the Baltic sustainability energy transition.

All three Baltic countries have set ambitions to cover at least half of their energy consumption with renewable sources by 2030. Estonia currently leads the pack, accounting for 60% of the region’s cumulative (grid-connected) PV capacity of 676 MW, while Lithuania and Latvia account for respectively 38% and 2% of that total. All three countries have recently implemented legislative changes to ease the way for renewable energy investments, along with additional incentive and auction schemes. Estonia, for example, is hosting renewable energy auctions, while Lithuania is enabling the ‘hybrid power plants model’ to facilitate the connection of different RES and storage facilities at the same connection point.

Although utility-scale projects are not the main identifier of the Baltics, it’s home to a vibrant self-consumption market. Besides the ambitious plan to increase local electricity production by renewable energy, the other major reform in the energy sector is the effort to synchronize the Baltic State electricity grid with continental Europe networks and de-synchronize them from the Russian IPS/UPS electricity system by 2025. This is a joint project by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian transmission system operators (TSOs) with an investment size of €1.4 billion.

Boosted by a strongly interconnected market with neighboring and close countries such as Poland and Finland, but weighed down by the lack of available grid capacity and land to develop projects, this is a market that requires guidance and local partnerships. With less focus on conventional utility-scale PV, and more opportunities for hybrid power plants, energy storage, self-consumption, renewable energy communities, and energy trading, these exciting markets are poised to enter the forefront of modern European power markets.

At the Solarplaza Summit Baltics, expert speakers will provide detailed insights into these market opportunities, present case studies, and share their takes on the solar market outlook.

The event will bring together a crowd with a balanced split between high-level local and international players (project developers, asset owners, investors), which makes for an invaluable networking pool that includes key decision-makers willing to discuss and explore strategies and new business opportunities.     

  • Solarplaza Summit Baltics
  • 16 March 2023 - Vilnius, Lithuania
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  • Local tickets: €495 (Early Bird) / €595 (Regular)
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