Reuters Events: Pharma on April 18-20, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

Transform Pharma. Reinvent Healthcare. Unlock Access.


Pharma is alive, crackling with the energy of change and innovation. From ground-breaking medicines and flourishing digital transformations to new commercial models and a reinvigorated belief in our purpose, the industry has never been more primed to drive positive change.


However, our post-Covid health systems are at their limit, on the verge of a new global healthcare crisis. Pharma must again evolve to take the lead, rallying stakeholders to reimagine health systems that can deliver next generation life-saving therapies, address health inequities and nurture healthier communities.


Change starts within your own company. Agility and innovation must power every strategy, field forces must be upskilled, RWE incorporated into every discussion, sustainability actioned. Medical must perfect their scientific narrative, patient engagement efforts must reach further than ever before, and all this should be driven by an engine of data and insights.


But most critically, your company must work as one cross-functional entity. That's why Reuters Events: Pharma 2023 is the place where patient experts and pharma changemakers – from commercial, marketing, medical affairs, patient engagement, market access, RWE and Digital Health – share new best-practice, lessons learned and strategies for the future.


2023's industry defining themes


- Spearhead collaboration: Unite all stakeholders to build frameworks capable of delivering next-generation treatments to expanded patient populations

- Relentless digital transformation: Empower teams to further transformations through expanded capabilities, optimised technology and a framework that breeds a culture of innovation

- Democratise data intelligence: Drive data literacy across the company to sophisticate the development and implementation of quality insights

- Champion equity action: Set Health Equity standards across all functions to drive holistic change throughout health systems



Speakers: Carinne Brouillon, Head, Human Pharma, Board of Managing Directors, Boehringer Ingelheim, Mark Fladrich, Chief Commercial Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Grünenthal, Jeanne Kehren, SVP Digital and Commercial Innovation and CIO, Bayer, Kris Sterkens, Company Group Chairman, EMEA, Janssen, Thomas Triomphe, EVP, Vaccines, Sanofi


Time: 09:00 to 15:00

Name: Reuters Events