One Life Conference on November 01-02, 2022 in Birmingham, United Kingdom

After two years of living within a global pandemic, health and wellbeing issues have been in everyone’s mind. Taking conscience of how our environment and habits can contribute to our quality of life and life expectancy is now a real priority. This is reflected across the FMCG industries and environmental agencies with some significant changes to the rules and specifications in place. As a TIC (Testing, Inspection & Certification) organisation, ALS is using the power of testing to solve complex challenges. With passion for science, ALS serves clients with data-driven insights for a safer and healthier world. ALS supports the industry in providing the best solutions and partnership in an on-going innovation strategy. The conference objective is to provide an insight to the next emerging trends in term of wellbeing perceptions and challenges, how they are approached scientifically, to provide the best analytical data to support the decision-making process. Held across two days, the conference will provide a variety of keynote speakers and workshops to explore key areas which could impact consumer health and wellbeing, bringing their expert knowledge and opinions on the subject matter.


Name: ALS Global
Address: UNITS 7 & 8 ASPEN COURT