Monero Konferenco on June 23-25, 2023 in Prague, Czechia

Monero Konferenco (“MONEROKON”) strives to provide high-quality content that brings together global scientists, researchers, and subject-matter experts to present state-of-the-art developments in their respective fields. In addition to presentations that addresses the science, engineering, and the mathematics of blockchain technology, we are also keen to receive multidisciplinary submissions that touch on the wider implications of this emerging technology in relation to art, sociology, psychology, politics, philosophy, ecology, and law. Along with 20-minute presentations, we welcome 60-minute lectures, self-organized panel discussions with 3-6 panelist, and hands-on workshops/tutorials.

Topics of Interest

May cover, but not limited to:


  •     Economics of coin tail emission vs. post-emission fee market
  •     Spam attacks and transaction fees
  •     Node DDoS prevention
  •     Node sybil attacks
  •     Selfish mining attacks
  •     Difficulty adjustment algorithms
  •     Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations
  •     Human Rights and the Blockchain
  •     Reducing or eliminating Monero's 10 block lock



  •     Unique privacy-preserving cryptographic methods
  •     Post-quantum cryptography
  •     Novel implementations of zero-knowledge cryptographic schemes
  •     Anonymous network layers/mix networks
  •     Applied statistics in traceability and decoy selection algorithms
  •     Use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) in Blockchain Analytics
  •     Transaction de-anonymization techniques
  •     Advisability of transaction churning and churning best practices
  •     Privacy issues with layer 2 solutions
  •     Privacy-preserving smart contracts
  •     Privacy-preserving Proof-of-Stake



  •     Cross-chain interoperability
  •     Atomic swaps
  •     Multisignature wallets
  •     Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  •     Novel distributed consensus protocols
  •     Environmental sustainability of consensus mechanisms
  •     Pool mining centralization
  •     Full node distribution
  •     Scalability issues with blockchain size
  •     Blockchain pruning
  •     Blockchain governance models
  •     Social and economic philosophies that promote the ideals of liberty and decentralization


Submissions will be categorized into three tracks: (i) Security, (ii) Privacy, and (iii) Decentralization

Name: Monero Konferenco

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General Admission EUR 120.00 After December 28, 2022
VIP EUR 240.00 After December 28, 2022
Discounted Ticket EUR 60.00 After December 28, 2022