Maine Orthopaedic Review on June 20-24, 2023 in Waterville, United States

Preparation for Part I is designed to meet the needs of the board candidate or practicing orthopaedist via a thorough review of current orthopaedic surgery. This includes lectures and intranet-based comprehensive question bank. Participants will increase their fund of knowledge through daily lectures covering the breadth of orthopaedic subspecialties through the first 5 days of the course. See the lecture schedule here.

MOR offers a comprehensive question bank, based on past and present testable orthopaedic points. Our current format includes nearly 11,000 questions and answers with references. The intranet-based portion of the course is available throughout the length of the course, 24/7, through the date of the board exam.

The Maine Orthopaedic Review Course Part II preparation is designed to meet the needs of the board candidate or practicing orthopaedist for a thorough review of cases selected by the ABOS for presentation at the oral board examination. The participant will gain a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the oral board examination. The goal is to spend time refining case presentations, learning the pertinent information required to present cogent cases, and learning to avoid common pitfalls. Our goal is for the participant to present all cases at least once to faculty. Cases will be presented in most instances to subspecialist faculty who are nationally and internationally renown in their fields. Often, there are several candidates presenting cases to one or more faculty. Appropriate allocation of time is given to cycle through each candidate’s cases. Our faculty is very committed to teaching and honing the case presentation to maximize success at the time of the examination. Often, they spend extra time, working well into the evening, helping you refine your presentations. We pride ourselves on having a collaborative, fair, and cooperative atmosphere that helps everyone.

Name: Maine Orthopaedic Review

A thorough review and board preparation for the breadth of subspecialty orthopaedic surgery over 5 days with an independent study question bank available for one month. World-class faculty give excellent lectures and case reviews with amazing access. Join us at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, USA in June.