International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Web3 systems on June 24-28, 2024 in Reykjavik, Iceland

International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Web3 systems on June 24-28, 2024 in Reykjavik, Iceland

A new era in the decentralized internet has begun with the emergence of Web3, fundamentally changing how businesses operate, collaborate, manage assets, and engage stakeholders. Web3 technologies, such as blockchain, decentralized applications, smart contracts, DAO, DeFi and tokenization, defined a new paradigm of decentralized software systems.

Recent research on Requirements Engineering (RE) mainly focused on socio-technical aspects of centralized Web2 systems. The RE4Web3 Workshop is motivated by the need to bridge the gap between traditional RE and the unique challenges posed by Web3 technologies. The conventional methods employed in RE may not comprehensively account for Web3-powered systems' ever-changing characteristics, resulting in potential drawbacks and overlooked prospects. The workshop aims to establish a connection between RE and Web3, fostering innovative approaches, collaborative insights, research strategies, and harmonious integration.


Decentralized Systems: The foundational principles of decentralized systems and RE implications on system design.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts: The role of RE in developing and deploying blockchain systems and self-executing smart contracts.

User Experience in Decentralized Applications (DApps): Adapting RE methodologies to ensure optimal user experience in DApps.

Economic Models in Web3: The economic implications of decentralized systems, including token economics and the role of RE in defining economic models, DAO, DeFi.

Immutable Systems: The challenges of defining requirements for systems where post-deployment changes are immutable or highly restricted.

Data Privacy and Ownership: The challenges of data privacy in decentralized systems and the role of RE in ensuring user data rights and ownership.

Interoperability in Web3: The role of RE in ensuring seamless interoperability between cross-chain and cross-platform interactions.

Web3 Governance Models: How RE can aid in defining governance models for decentralized communities and platforms.

Scalability Challenges of Web3 technologies and the role of RE in addressing these concerns.


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