International Virology Summit on July 03-04, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

This virology summit will be highlighting recent advancements and technologies currently in use as well as those being developed on futuristic technologies for further virus research (virus research conferences). The virology global consortium will be an excellent opportunity to network, discover, and connect with professionals in the field of infectious diseases (viral diseases conferences). The virology congress invites experts from all prestigious universities, research institutions including researchers, virologist, microbiologists, academicians, scientists and industry key players to showcase their recent research and novel ideas on all aspects of this rapidly expanding field of virology and allied fields. This virology meeting is a two-day scientific event comprises plenary talks, keynote sessions and oral and poster presentations. It is set up in such a way that it allows attendees to meet people from both industry and academics and form a scientific network between them. The virology event will have plenary talks, symposiums, keynote sessions, and presentations which will provide provocative hypotheses and suggestions for new research directions in all aspects of virology and allied fields.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

General Virology

Molecular and Cellular Virology

Animal Virology

Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

Viral Immunology

Anti-Retroviral Therapy

Pediatric Viral Infectious Diseases

Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development

Viral Vaccines

Plant and Agricultural Virology

Viral Oncology

STD & HIV/ AIDS and Emerging Viral Diseases

Respiratory viral diseases

Gastrointestinal viral diseases

Hepatic viral diseases

Neurologic viral diseases

Insect vector and virus epidemiology

Bacterial and Fungal Virology

Current Focus in Virology Research


Name: Mark Daniel
Address: London, UK

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Only Registration EUR 599.00 Before March 28, 2023