International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2024 InPACT 2024 on April 20-22, 2024 in Porto, Portugal

International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2024 (InPACT 2024) April 20, 2024 - Porto, Portugal

Our International Conference seeks to provide a wide connection between researchers, lecturers, students, professionals from psychology and human sciences, and their peers. The conference will showcase presentations, from the most diverse countries possible, to promote the development and growth of research, teaching, applications, and new ways of thinking in psychology nowadays. We wish to illustrate developments in eight main fields:

• Clinical Psychology

• Educational Psychology

• Social Psychology

• Legal Psychology

• Cognitive and Experimental Psychology

• Environmental Psychology

• Health Psychology

• Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy


The World Institute for Advanced Research and Science (WIARS) is an entity with international scopus, devoted to conduct research and developments around the world, providing professional services for the best and wide distribution of scientific knowledge.
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Early Registration fee EUR 460.00 Before December 08, 2023
Late Registration fee EUR 510.00 After December 08, 2023