International Profesional Geology on November 21-23, 2024 in Zaragoza, Spain

International Profesional Geology on November 21-23, 2024 in Zaragoza, Spain

Geology professionals are increasingly taking on a highly effective role in advancing global sustainable development. In Europe, during 2023, we bore witness to the implementation of three pivotal pieces of legislation set to significantly shape our future: the Critical Raw Materials Act, the Net Zero Industry Act, and the Soil Health Directive. Geoscientists are pivotal contributors to all of these initiatives.

Across the globe, regulatory authorities and governments are actively engaged in efforts to foster prosperity and well-being. With over a million geoscientist professionals actively participating in various sectors, including public authorities, the private sector, science, and education, they form a global professional community that plays a central role in enhancing societal welfare by safeguarding natural resources and promoting public safety.

However, for geologists to be truly effective in contributing to prosperity and well-being, they must establish robust connections with political leaders, develop global scientific strategies, establish common professional standards, and provide shared tools to effectively address these pressing challenges. The Congress aspires to bring together leading professional organizations from across the globe to collaborate on critical issues. Geological disciplines such as geological hazards, geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, environmental science, mineral resource exploration and exploitation, and waste disposal have geology into the forefront of societal concerns. Recent natural disasters worldwide have underscored the growing demand for geological knowledge in our daily lives. This evolving perception of geology as a societal service underline the importance of comprehending the role of geologists in our global community.

Professional geology has definitively taken its place in society. Geological hazards , geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, environment, exploration and exploitation of mineral resources , waste disposal, etc., are geological disciplines that have placed geology at the forefront of social concern. Recent natural disasters worldwide increase the need for geological knowledge in everyday life. This new perception of geology as a social service demands an understanding of the actual position of geologists in society.

This 5th International Professional Geology Congress is a beautiful opportunity to draw the attention of society at large and particularly of geological management stakeholders to the world's geological issues. It also aims to be a forum for discussing different aspects of professional activity in Earth Sciences and a suitable place for exchanging experiences and ideas among participants.


- Past, present, and future of gGeological education in Scholar age (6-18)

and training.

- Geological outreach , communicate geosceicnes with video and social and Geo-tourism.

- Mining Geo-tourism

- Geological job market: characteristics and necessary skills for today's profession.

- Mining and mineral/energy resources: Critical minerals for the energy transition. CRM strategies, distribution

- Exploration and storage of hydrogen and natural gas.

- Hydrogeology and water management

- Geological engineering: technical/technological innovations

- Environmental geology: Polluted soils y and landfills

- Predict future Geological hazards.

- Geological Geo-relatedl legislation and policy, which is the most advanced legislation in the world?

- Comparison of geo-polices in different world counties: identify best practices

- Ethics in professional geology: a global geo-ethics code for geology professionals?

- Global Professional Standards in Geosciences


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