International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference IPPTC on March 21-23, 2022 in Beijing, China

International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference (IPPTC) March 21, 2022 - Beijing, China

Energy is an overarching and strategic issue that bears on global economic and social development. The 2022 International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference (IPPTC2022-Beijing) will focus on the theme of "Oil and Gas Industry Innovations through Collaboration and Technology", and will hold thematic forums, high-end interviews, and special reports on technologies in the oil and gas industry to contribute to national energy development and security.

 We sincerely invite you to present the following frontier new technologies (or other essential technologies):

1.Oil and Gas Reservoir Exploration and Production Evaluation Technology

Characterization and description of geological reservoirs

Geophysical reservoir modeling and interpretation

Petroleum physics and logging technology

Trial recovery and production monitoring of oil and gas Wells

Rservoir modeling and dynamic simulation

Hydrocarbon accumulation mechanism and exploitation technology in Marine deep strata

Exploration equipment technology, trial production equipment technology, proven reserves, and SEC evaluation study.

2.Drilling Technology

Drilling engineering technology

Completion engineering technology

Fracturing and acidizing operation technology

Fluid injection equipment and wellhead devices

Artificial lift system

New technology for enhance oil recovery fluid injection

Wellbore integrity management and flow assurance technology

Offshore drilling and completion

Offshore oil and gas exploration projects

Enhance oil recovery technology in offshore fields

Oilfield chemical injection

Chemical cleaning agents

Cleaning technology

Unconventional resource extraction techniques

Oil and gas field production operation management

Downhole oil-water separation technology, low-permeability oil and gas reservoir recovery technology, oil and water well stimulation and injection technology, large workover technology, sidetrack and other workover technology.

3.Oil and Gas Storage, Transportation and Flow Assurance Technology

Oil-gas and water separation technology

Multiphase flow measurement technology

Oil and gas storage and transportation technology

Pipeline detection and monitoring technology

Pipeline management technology

Offshore oil and gas storage and transportation

4.Machinery and Material Science Technology

Mechanical engineering technology

Material Technology

5.Refining and Chemical Technology

Refining technology

Natural gas treatment and coal chemical technology

Chemical technology

Management of production and operation of oil and chemical works

Instruments for Chemical testing and analysis.

6.Corrosion Monitoring and Protection Technology

Corrosion protection technology

Corrosion monitoring and testing technology

Pipeline corrosion control technology

Corrosion prevention integration technology for key Equipment of crude oil storage and transportation.

7.Intelligence and Information Technology

Intelligence and digital oil and gas field technology

Oil and gas storage and transportation intelligence and digital technology

Factory Intelligent and digital refining technology

Gas station intelligent technology

Corrosion monitoring intelligent technology

Gas payment intelligent technology.

8.New Energy and Energy Conservation Technology Conference (2022IPPTC)

9.International Conference on environmental monitoring and management (2022IPPTC)

Name: Xi’an Shiyou University