International Nutrition Research Conference on September 16-18, 2024 in Rome, Italy

International Nutrition Research Conference on September 16-18, 2024 in Rome, Italy

Magnus Group is delighted to extend an invitation to you for the prestigious "6th Edition of

International Nutrition Research Conference" (Nutrition 2024), to be held both in Rome, Italy and

online, from September 16-18, 2024.

The Nutrition Conferences 2024 will focus on the theme of "Showcasing Trends Evolving to fill Nutritional

Gaps through Technology and Healthcare advancements"

This three-day scientific gathering transcends the boundaries of a typical nutrition conference. It serves as

a dynamic community where professionals can not only enhance their expertise in the fields of nutrition

science and dietetics but also foster their professional growth.

The event will feature a wide array of keynote speeches, plenary talks, as well as oral and poster

presentations, all aimed at advancing nutritional knowledge and promoting better health outcomes. As a

result, this annual conference stands out as one of the largest and most valuable gatherings of its kind in

the field of nutrition. This global summit will revolve around recent clinical cases and breakthroughs of

significant interest to faculty, researchers, scientists, dietitians, healthcare professionals, practitioners,

public health specialists, clinicians, caregivers, industry representatives, and fellow experts in the field of

Nutrition Science.

This colloquium will offer a platform to showcase the latest research in the domain of nutrition and

healthcare. It plays a pivotal role in disseminating critical insights in the realm of nutrition research.

Furthermore, it allows businesses to engage in face-to-face interactions with scientists, dietitians, and

nutrition experts, thereby expanding their commercial horizons in the nutrition industry. 

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Phone: +1 (702) 988-2320​
WhatsApp: +1 (779)-429-2143​
Dates: September 16-18, 2024​
Venue: Rome, Italy
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Name: Magnus Group
Address: Magnus Group LLC 150 South Wacker Drive #2400 Chicago, IL 60606, USA

Description Price Date
Early bird Registration for Presenter EUR 739.00 Before May 31, 2024
Mid term Registration for Presenter EUR 839.00 Before September 13, 2024
Spot Registration for Presenter EUR 939.00 Before September 17, 2024
Early bird Registration for Listener EUR 839.00 Before May 31, 2024
Mid term Registration for Listener EUR 939.00 Before September 13, 2024
Spot Registration for Listener EUR 1039.00 Before September 17, 2024
Virtual Presenter Early bird Registration EUR 439.00 Before May 31, 2024
Virtual Presenter Mid term Registration EUR 539.00 Before September 13, 2024
Virtual Listener Early bird Registration EUR 539.00 Before May 31, 2024
Virtual Listener Mid term Registration EUR 639.00 Before September 13, 2024
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