International Drone, UAV, and Autonomous Technology Conference and Exhibition on May 07-09, 2024 in Lagos, Nigeria

International Drone, UAV, and Autonomous Technology Conference and Exhibition on May 07-09, 2024 in Lagos, Nigeria

DRONETECX is a leading drone conference and exhibition in Nigeria, focused on promoting the advancement of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and autonomous technology development throughout Africa. The event encourages the development of drone technology, applications, and investment opportunities in Nigeria and beyond. It includes an exhibition of hardware and software products and services and a multi-sector conference session that brings together leading scientists, researchers, service providers, product dealers, drone pilots, operators, and government personnel to exchange and share information on drone technology.

DRONETECX 2024 is an event that aims to provide a platform for exploring all opportunities in the emerging drone industry. It will serve as a meeting point for researchers, operators, dealers, manufacturers, and buyers to network and exchange ideas. This event is supported and endorsed by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, Nigeria Unmanned Systems & Robotics Association (NUSA), and the Federal Ministry of Aviation. It is also Nigeria's premier UAV development promotion and marketing platform for the African region.

The upcoming three-day event aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of drones' safe and economical usage in various sectors such as health, oil and gas, maritime, construction, rescue, videography, surveillance, logistics, mapping, and agriculture. The conference will feature selected topics that address frequently asked questions and developing trends in the industry. Delegates will gain insight from speakers representing regulatory and supervisory bodies, professional and commercial stakeholders, and will cover subjects in the following areas:

• Drone technology

• Drones' flight capabilities

• Capabilities of cameras on drones

• Drones and aerial observation

• Unmanned aviation

• Theory and practice

• Drone regulation, privacy, and property rights

• Domestic drones

• Surveillance drones

• Aerial surveillance

• Regular progress monitoring

• Privacy issues

• Drones in public areas

• Publicity rights

• Aerial surveillance law

• Applications and future developments

Authors interested in sharing their work with Dronetecx delegates are invited to indicate their interest in speaking at the conference or becoming panelists. Companies interested in showcasing their products and services can also request to be sponsored speakers to present their solutions.


Name: FCIINT Ltd
Address: 9 Rosebay Close, Walnut Tree

Description Price Date
Full Conference Participation Fee USD 500.00 Before March 31, 2024
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