International Conference on Wind Power Plants and Wind Energy ICWPPWE on November 04-05, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Wind Power Plants and Wind Energy (ICWPPWE) November 04, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wind power plants
Wind direction and measurement of the wind velocity
Wind velocity
Atmospheric circulation
Geographical distribution of the wind on the earth’s surface
Periodical variations of wind speed
Variations of the wind direction and velocity
The effect of altitude
The effects of relief: airflow over ridges, hills and cliffs
Statistical study of wind
Theoretical available wind energy
Actual available wind energy
General theories of wind machines basic laws and concepts of aerodynamics
Betz’ theory
Wing and aerofoil: geometry and aerodynamic characteristics
Aerodynamics of the rotor
Performances of similar geometric wind machines
Description and performances of the horizontal-axis wind machines
The classic horizontal-axis windmill
Slow and fast wind turbines
Orientation systems and regulating devices
Models of horizontal-axis wind machines
Horizontal-axis wind turbines design of the blades and determination of the forces acting on the wind power plant
The simplified windmill theory
Description and performances of vertical axis windmills
Differential drag machines
Screened machines
Flapping-blade machines
Turning-blade machines
Machines with fixed blades with cyclic incidence
Composite savon1us-darrieus systems
Low specific speed rotor design
Another fixed-blade machine with cyclic incidence
Windmills with moving blades
Use of wind energy for water pumping
The generation of electricity by wind power
Small wind power plants
Wind power plant projects
Wind power plants: economic and development prospects

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