International Conference on Water Resources and Wetlands ICWRW on September 27-28, 2022 in San Francisco, United States

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International Conference on Water Resources and Wetlands (ICWRW) September 27, 2022 - San Francisco, United States
Rivers and lakes ecosystem ecology
Groundwater influx in rivers and lakes
Paleoecological approach – a mirror between past and future
Water geomorphologic process and landscape modeling
Water level fluctuation and their environmental impact
Water quality management: surface and groundwater
Ecology and zooplankton taxonomy in lakes and rivers
Aquatic macrophytes and invasive aquatic plants
Shallow lakes – researches and paradigms in the XXI century
Conservation and management of lakes and rivers

Climate changing and water resources
Climate changing and extreme events: floods, droughts, hurricanes, cyclones etc.
Ice and climate changing
Linking climatology, hydrology and water resources management
Lakes/reservoirs and climate change
Hydropower production and hydraulics construction – adaptation and changing to the global warming
Improvements of techniques and technologies for water economy

Coastal environment
Coastal morphology and process
Hydrology of coastal and wetland zones
Estuaries, saltmarshes and mangroves
Atolls and coral reefs
Sea level fluctuation and changing
Coastal lakes and human pressure
Coastal development for tourism and economic activity

Water policies
Trans-boundary river and lakes issues
Water and health
River/lakes restoration and rehabilitation - political and economic aspect
The role of protected areas in conservation of freshwater/salt lakes ecosystems
Water and human development (urbanization, megacities, towns and rural areas),
Water economy, security, institutional and socio-economic aspects

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Address: UAE

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