International Conference on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development ICWRRED on January 18-19, 2023 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development (ICWRRED) January 18, 2023 - Rome, Italy
Planning, Construction and Development
Potential for renewable energy development
The value of integrated regional development
International and cross-border cooperation
Appropriate project planning and benefit sharing
Ensuring sustainability and maximizing benefits
Innovative solutions in design and construction

Hydrology and Flood Management
Water Resources Engineering and Management
Flood control engineering and stormwater management
Hydrology: flood mitigation and management
Computational Hydrology in Flood Control Design and Planning
Implications of climate change
Flood Hydrology and Emergency Management
Hydrology, Flood Management and Infrastructure
Water infrastructure and flood discharge works (innovation,efficiency,safety and economy)

Environmental and Social Aspects
Environmental Systems Engineering and Management
Impact assessment: methodology and experience
Mitigation measures for environmental and social impacts
Greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs
Facilitating communications with project affected people
Capacity building and training
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Promoting energy efficiency
Adapting to climate change impacts
Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Finance, Economics and Commercial Aspects
Securing project finance for water and energy infrastructure
Carbon credits, carbon trading and income diversification
Power trading and purchase agreements
Legal and contractual issues
Finance, Economics and Management
Water Resource Economics and Policy

Technology: Hydro and other Renewables
Emerging developments in renewable energy
Technology: towards safe and economic schemes
Hydro machinery for challenging conditions
Marine energy: global potential and case studies
Hydro in synergy with other renewable energy sources
Grid operation: national and integrated regional systems
Maintenance, refurbishment and upgrading
Optimizing operation of power plants
Renewable energy and smart grid systems
Pumped storage: technology, role in the grid and benefits
Low cost solutions for rural electrification

Civil and Geological Engineering Aspects
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
Site planning for safety and efficiency
Remote sites and extreme climates (hot and cold)
Construction management
Materials for dams: past experience and future developments
Selecting appropriate construction equipment
Sedimentation management: planning and design approaches
Approaches to complex geology and design for seismic areas
Learning from accidents and failures
Upgrading of civil works and power plants to enhance safety
Health and safety of the workforce on site

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