International Conference on Water Pollution Control Engineering ICWPCE on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Water Pollution Control Engineering (ICWPCE) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Water pollution control engineering
Water resources planning and management
Water resources integrated management
Water resources sustainable development
Water resources and environmental management in mega deltas
GIS and remote sensing applications
Global and regional climate change
Instrumentation and measurement
Watershed assessment and monitoring
Water quality and protection
Water conflict and cooperation issues
Artificial recharge and active management of aquifers
Groundwater contamination and protection
Integrated coastal aquifer management

Hydraulics and water infrastructure
Water distribution systems analysis
Water demand/ forecasting
Water management, control and regulation
Erosion, scour and sediment transport
Maintenance and rehabilitation of hydraulic structures
Information technology applications in water infrastructure
Hydraulic monitoring, modeling and simulation

Water treatment technology
Wastewater reuse
Industrial water treatment
Sanitary drainage treatment
Computer applications in water treatment
Purification plants and networks
Environmental impact assessment
Energy use and efficiency
Agricultural issues

Irrigation and drainage technologies agricultural water pollution
Crop water consumption
Virtual water use
Energy consumption

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