International Conference on Virtual Reality Systems and Applications ICVRSA on August 16-17, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Virtual Reality Systems and Applications (ICVRSA) August 16, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Virtual reality technologies
Virtual reality adoption behavior
Virtual reality business model
Virtual reality applications in tourism, events, hospitality, retail, cultural heritage, architecture, education, entertainment, health, media etc.
Development and implementation of virtual reality applications
Mobile and wearable technologies and applications 

Impacts of virtual reality on value co-creation 

Virtual reality for customer engagement 

Enhancing customer experience via virtual reality 

Multi-sensory experience via virtual reality
Cultural differences in the use of virtual reality 

Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues of virtual reality 

Virtual reality marketing
Virtual reality gamification
Virtual reality in smart city and smart tourism

Modeling technique
VR system architecture
Volume rendering
Mixed reality
Space of sound
Multi-resolution techniques
Machine vision
VR sensor technology
Image-based rendering
Point rendering and drawing
Real-time graphics rendering
Data visualization
Optical display technology
Web-3D Geometry compression
VRML technology
Dynamic texture synthesis
Psychology in the VR
Graphics hardware acceleration
Three-dimension data acquisition techniques
Embedded graphics system
VR application of pattern recognition
Space positioning technology
Graphics chip
Three-dimension reconstruction of medical images
Haptic rendering touch
Distributed virtual environment
Three-dimension geographic
Intelligent virtual environment
Regional and digital cities, digital
Information system
Virtual geographic environments
Distributed systems
Multimodal user interface
Collaborative VR
Visualization of mining and exploration
Application of remote sensing image processing
Growth of virtual plant simulation
Behavioral modeling
Human-computer interaction technology
Augmented reality (AR)
Virtual enterprises and communities
Application of the virtual human body
Virtual design/ manufacturing/engineering
Digital entertainment and education
Artificial life
Various types of simulators
VR applications

VR games
Online games
Virtual reality audio systems
Image acquisition
Image processing
Medical image processing
Pattern recognition and analysis
Image coding and compression
Super-resolution imaging
Image segmentation
Face recognition
3-D and surface reconstruction
Document analysis
Radar image processing
Sonar image processing
Signal identification
Signal reconstruction
Spectral analysis
Filter design
Adaptive filters
Multi-channel filtering
Noise control
Fast algorithms
Fast fourier transforms
Wavelet transforms
Digital signal processing
Mobile signal processing
Statistical signal processing
Optical signal processing
Data mining techniques
Motion detection
Content-based image retrieval
Video signal processing
Signal identification
Nonlinear signals and systems
Time-frequency signal analysis
Signal reconstruction
Spectral analysis
Filter design and structures
FIR filters
IIR filters
Adaptive filters
Multi-channel filtering
Detection and estimation of signal parameters
Signal noise control
Multiple filtering and filter banks
Fast algorithms
Adaptive and clustering algorithms
Fast fourier transforms
Discrete cosine transforms
Discrete hilbert transforms
Wavelet transforms
Array signal processing
Digital signal processing
Statistical signal processing
Adaptive signal processing
Multidimensional signal processing
Mobile signal processing
Optical signal processing
Real time signal processing
Higher order statistical analysis
Cyclo-stationary signal analysis
Neural networks for signal processing
Applications in telecommunications
Industrial applications
Fuzzy logic applications in signal processing

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