International Conference on Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences ICVMBS on April 22-23, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (ICVMBS) April 22, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Veterinary biomedical sciences
Biomedical engineering for veterinary medicine
Veterinary biomedical studies
Cellular and molecular activities of animal systems
Veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences
Algorithms, modeling and simulation of bio-sets
Bioengineering applications for animals with disabilities
Bio-imaging and bioinformatics for veterinary medicine
Biological data mining and visualization
Biological systems and models
Biomedical and biological sensors
Biomedical data engineering
Biomedical image processing and analysis
Biomedical intelligence and clinical data analysis
Biomedical signal/image analysis
Biomedical text mining and ontologies
Bio-molecular and phylogenetic databases
Cell engineering
Computational modeling and data integration
Computational systems biology
Computer assisted intervention systems
Engineering models in bio-medicine
Functional genomics, proteomics
Gene expression analysis
Genes and their regulation
Medical robotics
Microarray data analysis
Microarray technologies
Molecular and cellular systems
Molecular evolution and phylogeny
Nano-mechanisms for molecular systems
Protein structure prediction and molecular simulation
Protein structure, function, and interactions
Query languages, interoperability, bio-ontology and data mining
Sequence analysis, evolution and phylogeny
Sequence search and alignment
Signaling and computation
Systems biology
Tissue engineering
Translational genomics in engineering

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

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