International Conference on Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation ICURPT on July 18-19, 2024 in Rhodes, Greece

International Conference on Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation ICURPT on July 18-19, 2024 in Rhodes, Greece

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International Conference on Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation (ICURPT) July 18, 2024 - Rhodes, Greece
A multidisciplinary approach to territorial and environmental risk, assessment and management
City planning & Design
Community andamp; Economic Development
Data sources and methods for spatial and strategic planning
Ecosystems analysis, protection and remediation
Environmental impact assessment
Environmental legislation and policy
Environmental Management
Future perspectives for planning disciplines within the information society
Geographic Information Systems
Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Public Health andamp; Safety
Public Works
Regional planning
Resources management
Rural developments
Social and cultural issues
Tax Assessment
Transportation Planning
Urban landscapes
Urban and spatial development in information society
Urban Planning andamp; Design
Waste management

Sustainable Urban Areas
Housing Finance
Migration, Residential Mobility and Housing Policy
The Residential Context of Health
Housing Economics
Poverty Neighbourhoods
Welfare Policy, Homelessness and Housing Exclusion
Housing Regeneration and Maintenance
Residential Environments and People
Legal Aspects of Housing, Land and Planning
Home Ownership and Globalisation
Metropolitan Dynamics: Urban Change, Market and Governance
Housing Market Dynamics
Housing and Minority Ethnic Groups
Housing and Urban Sustainability
Institutional and Organisational Change in Social Housing Organisations
Housing and Sustainable Urbanisation in Developing Countries
The Sustainable City
Spatial Planning and Governance at the Regional Level

Transportation: Systems & Technologies
Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems
Automated Traffic Data Collection and Data Mining
Aviation Transport Systems
Commercial Vehicle Operations
Data Collection, Simulation, and Modeling
Electronic Payment
Emergency Management
Estimation and Prediction of Traffic and Flow
Incident and Congestion Management and Hazard Response System
Infrastructure Management & Operations
Intelligent Transport Systems Modeling and Analysis
Pavement Condition and Construction
Planning and Management of Corridor and Rail Systems
Public Transport Systems
Public Transportation Management
Rail Operation, Object Tracking and Quality Control
Safety and Security
Traffic Control Devices and Data Collection
Traffic Control Systems
Traffic Management
Traffic Visualization, Incident and Safety Management
Transit and Bus Systems
Transport Logistics and Operations Research
Transport Modeling, Planning and Simulation
Transport security and safety
Travel and Traffic Management
Urban Transport Planning and Management
Urban Transportation Systems

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