International Conference on Urban Design and Architectural Engineering ICUDAE on August 16-17, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Urban Design and Architectural Engineering (ICUDAE) August 16, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Theory and advanced technology of engineering structure
High-rise structure and large-span structure
Bridge and tunnel engineering
New structure and special structure
Advanced technology of geotechnical engineering
Municipal engineering
Hydraulic and hydro-power engineering
Municipal engineering materials
Engineering structure safety and disaster prevention
Building energy conservation and green architecture
Structural liability, durability and health monitoring
Engineering management
New technology, method and technique in municipal engineering
Environment and technology
Educational topics in municipal engineering and architecture
Human development and sustainability
Public policies and local development
Social impacts, work and worker health
Social sustainability in the workplace, education and the community
The relationship between individual workers and the organization in adopting sustainable operations
Human factors in technology development and use
Capabilities and opportunities in the workplace
Training, education and human resource development
Management styles and employee satisfaction
Social and environmental research
Computers in architecture
Sustainable architecture
Individual buildings and building types
Architectural design and theories
Developments and innovations in architecture and construction
Town planning
Project and construction processes
Urban regeneration and sustainable development
Modern technologies of water and wastewater treatment
Environmental and water resources planning and management
Reuse and recycle wastewater
Heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning works
Sustainable development of building energy and environment
Energy conservation
Environmental engineering and environmental protection
Mitigation of water resources
Clean technology initiatives and successes
Transportation engineering
Road and railway engineering
Traffic engineering
Construction and renewable energy sources
Geological engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Geographic information systems

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