International Conference on Urban Analytics and City Science ICUACS on June 24-25, 2023 in Paris, France

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International Conference on Urban Analytics and City Science (ICUACS) June 24, 2023 - Paris, France
Urban analytics
Spatial urban analytics
Smart cities and urban analytics
Geographic information systems and science
Urban systems theory
Spatial data capture, storage and analysis
Urban simulation, analysis and design
Agent-based modelling and individual-based modelling
Machine learning for urban analytics
Innovations in consumer data analytics for understanding urban systems
Real-time model calibration and data assimilation
Spatio-temporal data analysis
New data, case studies, demonstrators, and tools for the study of urban systems
Complex systems analysis
Geographic data mining and visualization
Frequentist and Bayesian approaches to modelling cities
Mobile big data for urban analytics
City-wide data collection: practice and theory
City-wide mobile traffic modeling, visualization, analysis, and prediction
City-wide human mobility modeling, visualization, and understanding
Human behavior modeling and mining in urban environment
Social behavior modeling, understanding, and patterns mining in urban spaces
Application of urban computing to the design of distributed and mobile urban systems
Data mining of large scale urban networks and big data
Urban computing applied to forwarding/routing problems of mobile networks
Application of social network analysis to urban communication and computing system design
Urban computing for urban networks and computation system
City-wide intelligent transportation systems including vehicular networks
City-wide mobile social applications in urban areas
Location-based social networks enabling urban computing scenarios

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

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