International Conference on Trends in Computational Mathematics ICTCM on February 04-05, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Trends in Computational Mathematics (ICTCM) February 04, 2023 - Bangkok, Thailand
Algorithm implementation
Algorithms and complexity
Algorithms and Computation for Complex Networks
Animation of geometric algorithms
Applications in molecular biology, bioinformatics, granular mechanics, computational physics, biometrics
Applied computational geometry
Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
Approximation of functions and quadrature formulas
Approximation in High Dimensions
Automated reasoning
Complex Analysis
Computational algebra
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Geometry and Bioinformatics
Computational mathematics
Computational manufacturing
Computational methodology
Computational methods in bioinformatics
Computational Spectral Theory
Computer graphics and image processing
Computer-aided geometry design
Constructive mathematics
Constructive solid geometry
Control theory
Data structures (including Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay triangulations)
Design and analysis of geometric algorithms and data structures
Discrete and combinatorial geometry and topology
Domain Decompositions
Effective differential algebra and applications
Exact computations
Experimental evaluation of geometric algorithms and heuristics
Financial Mathematics & Engineering
Geographic information systems
Geometric computations in parallel and distributed environments
Geometric data structures for mesh generation
Geometric methods in computer graphics
High Performance Computing for Biological Modeling and Simulations
Industrial Mathematics
Interpolation and surface reconstruction
Least Squares Finite Element Methods
Lower bounds on the computational complexity of geometric problems
Mesh generation
Mixed Finite Element Methods
Multiscale Modeling in Mathematical Biology
Novel Finite Difference and Hybrid Methods for Differential Equations and Integral Problems
Numerical and algebraic issues arising in implementations
Numerical performance of geometric algorithms
Numerical Solution of ODEs
Numerical solution of differential and integral equations
Operations research
Parallel numerical algorithms
Path planning
Pattern recognition
Polynomial systems
Real algebraic geometry
Singular Perturbations
Solid modeling
Space Partitioning
Spatial and terrain analysis
Statistic modeling and Monte Carlo methods
Theoretical computational geometry
VLSI routing/layout
Wavelet and Approximations

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