International Conference on Tree Nursery ICTN on October 06-07, 2022 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Tree Nursery (ICTN) October 06, 2022 - New York, United States
Tree nursery
Forest nursery
Benefits of tree nurseries
Development of the forest nursery
Nursery-site selection, layout, and development
Equipment for forest nurseries
Managing the soil and water
Soil fertility in forest nurseries
Nursery soil organic matter and management
Irrigation in forest-tree nurseries
Monitoring and effects on seedling growth
Culturing the bareroot seedling
Plant physiology and nursery environment
Weed management in forest nurseries
Pest management
Nursery record systems and computers
Improving productivity in forest nurseries
Designing nursery experiments
Site selection
Seedbed preparation
Sowing seeds
Pricking-out seedlings
Taking cuttings
Production of disease-free planting stock
Production of uniform-sized seedlings
Selecting quality trees from the nursery
Field nursery production
Nurseries and genetics resources
Nursery production of trees in containers
Trees for urban planting
Production of bareroot seedlings

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Address: UAE

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