International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure and Foundations ICTIF on December 20-21, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure and Foundations (ICTIF) December 20, 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey
Civil Engineering
Complex Systems
Composite Materials for Constructing and Rehabilitating Bridges
Construction and Maintenance of Roads
Design of Transportation Infrastructure
Embankments, Slopes, and Retaining Walls
Engineering Solutions for Structural Repair and Strengthening of Bridges
Foundation Engineering
Foundations and Infrastructures
Geology, Geotechnics and Foundations
Geomaterials, Bituminous, and Concrete Materials
Geotechnical Mapping for Urban Developing Areas
Geotechnics and Foundations
Ground Improvement
Harbour Engineering
Highway and Highway Structures
Hydrotechnical Engineering
Impact Studies of Roads and Railways on the Environment
In Situ and Laboratory Investigations of Foundation Systems
Infrastructure and Transit
Infrastructure Health Monitoring
Intelligent Construction
Landslides, Stability Analysis of Slopes and Strengthening Measures
Maintenance and Rehabilitation of the Public Roads
Management of Transport and Infrastructure
Materials for Foundation Construction
Non-conventional Road Structures
Optimization of the Prestressing Technique for Bridges with Coffered Cross-section
Pavement Mechanics and Geomechanics
Railways and Airports
Railways and Transport Safety
Road and Transportation
Road Infrastructure
Roads and Pavements
Roads, Conception, Improvement and Structural Design Methods for Road Pavements
Sensor and Instrumentation
Shallow and Deep Foundations
Smart and Multifunctional Materials
Soil Mechanics
Soils and Improvement Solutions
Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Concrete
Steel and Steel-concrete Bridges
Stress and Strain State in Bridges
Structural Rehabilitation
Sustainability in Transportation Infrastructure
Sustainability, Eco-efficiency, and Conservation in Transportation
Traffic Engineering
Traffic Impact Investigations
Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Transport Infrastructure Development and Natural Hazards Mitigation
Transport Management
Transportation and Infrastructure
Transportation Infrastructure
Transportation Infrastructure and Materials
Tunneling and Underground Space Technology
Tunnels and Tunnelling
Unpaved Roads, Highway, Airport Pavements, and Railway

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