International Conference on the Music Industry in Nigeria on April 25, 2024 in Lagos, Nigeria

International Conference on the Music Industry in Nigeria on April 25, 2024 in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigerian music has in recent years become an aspect of the nation’s culture that is globally recognised with over 30 million monthly consumers across the world. Beyond culture, the Nigerian music industry itself is a major contributor to the nation’s economy generating over $2 billion in revenue and employing a significant portion of the Nigerian massive labour force. The industry is undergoing a profound transformation, spurred by the rapid advancement of modern technologies and the digital revolution. In this dynamic landscape, the industry is not only flourishing creatively but is also grappling with intricate challenges that demand innovative solutions.

Despite the great strides the industry has taken and the consequent global appreciation, it continues to face numerous challenges that hinder its growth. Its latent potential is limited by the fact that, to a great extent, it has remained in the informal sector. Added to this are the challenges of inadequate infrastructure, poor funding, piracy, and insufficient rights protection.

Against this backdrop, the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, in partnership with Aristokrat Group is organising a one-day conference on the Nigerian music industry. We extend an invitation for the submission of papers that contribute to the discourse surrounding the contemporary music landscape in Nigeria. The event hopes to bring together professionals, scholars, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to discuss the possibilities, trends, and developments in the music industry while offering valuable opportunities to expand knowledge, network, and maximize the possibility for national development.

Name: School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos
Address: Lagos Nigeria

The establishment of the School of Media and Communication is informed by the aspiration to train professionals in this area of culture who would uphold the highest intellectual, ethical and professional values that promote creativity, critical knowledge, technical perfection, social responsibility, and the spirit of enterprise. The School’s programmes will prepare students for careers in the creative industries, in business generally, and in various public and private domains.
Description Price Date
Covers for all the session and feeding (20, 000 Naira) USD 50.00 Before April 25, 2024
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