International Conference on Tests for Infectious Diseases ICTID on January 28-29, 2024 in Bengaluru, India

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International Conference on Tests for Infectious Diseases (ICTID) January 28, 2024 - Bengaluru, India
Antigen and antibodies assays
Vaccine vectors
Microscopy and culture
Clinical tests
Laboratory tests
Serological tests
Immunological tests
Nucleic acid and non nucleic acid based identification methods
ELISA test
Chest X ray
Novel diagnostics
Pathogens and the immune system: spread, persistence and transmission
Vaccine development
Response of macrophages, dendritic cells to bacterial and mycobacterial infection
Host immune response
Innate immune evasion
Immuno epidemiology
Immune system regulatory control
Innate recognition
Membrane dynamics
Host interactions and system biology
Immunology of diseases
Bacterial infectious diseases
Viral infectious diseases
Parasitic infectious diseases
Fungal infectious diseases
Mycobacterial diseases
Air borne diseases
Food borne diseases
Water borne diseases
Mosquito and tick borne diseases
Blood borne infectious diseases
Childhood infectious diseases or pediatric infectious diseases
Geriatric infectious diseases
Nosocomial infections or hospital acquired infections
Sexually transmitted diseases
Allergic infectious diseases
Neuro infectious diseases
Transplant infectious diseases
Topical infectious diseases
Tropical infectious diseases
Inflammatory infectious diseases
Opportunistic infections
Infectious diseases in pregnancy
Deadly infectious diseases
Rare infectious diseases
Communicable infectious diseases
Common infectious diseases

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Address: UAE

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