International Conference on Swimming Science ICSS on May 27-28, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Swimming Science (ICSS) May 27, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan
Swimming science and research
Biomechanics of drag and propulsion in swimming
Hydrodynamics in swimming
The swimming muscle: history, methodology and applications of electromyography in swimming
Biomechanical evaluation of freestyle swimming
Intra-cycle velocity variations, swimming economy, performance and training in swimming
Breaststroke kinematics
Inter-limb coordination in the four competitive strokes
Bodyroll in front crawl swimming
Rhythms in butterfly swimming
Morphology and swimming performance
Energetics and training
Energy systems in swimming
Training energy systems
Lactate production and metabolism in swimming
Assessing aerobic endurance in swimming
Swimming economy, energy cost and efficiency
Strength and power training in swimming
The taper: physiology, performance and planning
Training load and performance in swimming
Overreaching, the overtraining syndrome and recovery
Altitude and hypoxic training in swimming
Swimming performance and testing
Competition analysis in swimming
Stroking parameters during competition
Competitive swimming and disabilities
Medical aspects, nutrition and swimming
Preserving and promoting health in the aquatic athlete

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Address: UAE

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