International Conference on Sustainable Supply Chain Management Applications ICSSCMA on August 05-06, 2022 in Vancouver, Canada

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International Conference on Sustainable Supply Chain Management Applications (ICSSCMA) August 05, 2022 - Vancouver, Canada
Sustainable industries, sustainable development research about commercialization and joint venture development opportunities
Patterns and models of sustainable supply chain in the chemical, petroleum and petrochemical, automotive, food industries.
Optimizing protection of environment using programming methods at sustainable supply chain
The application of operation research in sustainable and sustainable supply chain
Strategic planning and risk management in the sustainable supply chain
Designing and measuring key indicators and management of performance in the sustainable supply chain
Reliability issues (sustainable development) in the sustainable manufacturing, services, logistics and transportation
Project management and lean sustainable supply chain
Methods of evaluating and selecting sustainable suppliers
The impacts of the product life cycle and inventory on programming sustainable supply chain
The impacts of rules and government policy on sustainable supply chain
Sustainable logistics, sustainable reverse logistics and sustainable third party logistics
Issues and management consumption of water, energy, renewable energies and industrial water purification
The application of value engineering and knowledge management in the sustainable supply chain
Providing mechanisms of getting taxes on incompatible jobs with the environment (sustainable taxes)
Localization and development of sustainable economic capacities in the country
Waste management, pollution reduction and reorganization of the sustainable jobs and industry in the city
Sustainable management and optimization in country resistance economy decisions
Natural resources, climatic effects, national and global opportunities and challenges
Co-development opportunities of iran sustainable economy, under after joint comprehensive plan of action conditions
Using game theory in modeling environmental challenges and sustainable supply chain
Using meta-heuristic algorithms in environmental issues with sustainable supply chain approach
Multi objective optimization with concentration on environmental approaches and sustainable supply chain

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Address: UAE

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