International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure ICSI on October 20-21, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) October 20, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Situation: Current and Projected
Analysis of infrastructure conditions
Global infrastructure assessments
Infrastructure problems for developing nations
Infrastructure for a sustainable future

Financing Infrastructure Projects
Financing approaches, constraints
Financing large projects: domestic and global
Innovative financing mechanisms
Making the financial case for sustainable infrastructure
Case examples: what works, doesn't work

Cross-cutting Issues
Infrastructure and the water/energy nexus
Sustainability in engineering education
Sustainability accreditation and certification
Infrastructure asset management
Applying systems thinking to infrastructure planning

Materials, Tools, and Methodologies
Sustainable construction materials
Life-cycle assessments
Risk assessments
Using BIM on sustainable infrastructure projects

Sustainable project management
High performance project teams
Tapping into university research
Case examples in infrastructure innovation

Challenges and Barriers
Regulatory barriers, workarounds
Infrastructure resource and configuration traps
Community concerns and resistance

Sustainability and Competitiveness
Relation of infrastructure conditions and sustainability to local, regional and national competitiveness: water, wastewater, transportation, power, etc.
Infrastructure asset management

Risk, Resiliency, and Adaptation to Climate Change
Strategies for mitigation and adaptation
Design for recovery from extreme events
Contribution of sustainable infrastructure to business continuity/recovery

Sustainable Cities
Designing sustainable cities and urban systems
Mega-cities and meta-cities
Critical issues urban planning
Case examples of sustainable urban systems

Sustainability, Society and Culture
Sustainability, quality of life and culture
Social LCAs
Using design charrettes on infrastructure projects
The business case for social responsibility

Envision Rating System
Using the Envision rating system
Envision as a decision framework
Sustainable ROI
Envision for construction, operations

Research Needs, Advances
Infrastructure design for the other 5 billion people
Improving infrastructure sustainable performance
Designing for continuous change
Advance research in sustainable infrastructure

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Address: UAE

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