International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering ICSIE on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (ICSIE) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Sustainable infrastructure engineering and materials
Green built-up environment
Barriers in sustainable development
Novel ideas and innovative materials
Energy efficient materials and construction
Smart technologies: experiences from developing countries

Urban infrastructure monitoring and management
Integrated urban water management
Challenges in dealing with urban waste
Infrastructure asset management
Pre and post disaster management strategies

Transportation infrastructure and built environment
Transportation infrastructure
Integrated land use and development
Infrastructure design, evaluation and management
Highway engineering

Transport dynamics
Dynamic traffic assignment
Traffic flow theories
Day-to-day dynamics
Applications of dynamic models

Transport geography
Transportation geographic information systems (TGIS)
Travel and mobility
GIS applications for ITS
GIS and road safety

Pavement, materials design and maintenance
Mechanistic pavement design methods
Innovative materials for distress control in pavements
Modern pavement maintenance techniques
Energy efficient pavement construction techniques

Transportation and environment
Energy and carbon emissions
Climate change and adaptation strategies
Emission modeling
Transportation emissions and health

Transport policy
Travel demand management
Mass transit policies
Social and institutional information related to travel
Road pricing

Road safety analysis and methodologies
Accident model analysis
Role of mass communication medium
Road incident management
Road safety-innovative solution

Construction management
Use of artificial intelligence techniques in construction
Construction productivity improvement
Strategic management and planning
Building information systems
State-of-art in construction engineering and management

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Address: UAE

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