International Conference on Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition ICSFSN on December 16-17, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition (ICSFSN) December 16, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Agricultural and food science and engineering
Agricultural production and food safety
Agricultural waste management
Agriculture, Food Security and Safety
Aquaculture and biosystems research
Aquaculture and Farming Systems
Availability: production, distribution and exchange of food
Circularity of food systems at local, regional or global levels
Climate and climatic changes and the effects on the agriculture and aquaculture
Crop Postharvest, Managing and Packaging Technologies
Development, impact and ethics of novel and data-driven technologies in food systems
Environmental constraints to animal agriculture
Environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainable development
Farm Sustainability
Food and Agricultural Wastes and Waste Management
Food and nutrition
Food biotechnology
Food contamination and adulteration
Food creation
Food in a changing society
Food loss and waste
Food Processing
Food processing and analysis
Food safety and bio security
Food Safety and Health in Agriculture
Food safety laws and regulations
Food safety management systems
Food Security and Environmental Impacts
Food Security and Nutrition
Food security and policy, governance, institutions and trade
Food security and the Sustainable Development Goals: synergies, tensions and trade-offs
Food Security, Food Safety and Sustainability
Food toxicology and allergens
Food traceability and safety
Food utilization
Food, Nutrition, Security, and Sustainable Agriculture
Future food security: on foresight, forecasting, projecting, predicting and exploring the future
Health and the Environment
Influencing food consumption and demand considering the food environment
Innovations and Emerging Technologies for Food Security
New developments in food industry
Plant and Animal Environment
Plant Production Technologies
Quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring
Risk analysis and management
Risk and toxicity assessment of food
Soil and water contamination
Soil, Water Management and Conservation
Stability and dynamics of food security aspects
Sustainability of Food and Environment
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Sustainable Food Security
Sustainable Food Systems
Transitions to post-carbon food systems in a post-carbon economy
Utilisation: nutritional value, social value and safety of food

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