International Conference on Sustainable Communities, Health and Environmental Justice ICSCHEJ on June 09-10, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Sustainable Communities, Health and Environmental Justice (ICSCHEJ) June 09, 2022 - Tokyo, Japan

Creating Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities
Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities
Community Sustainability Coordinators
Land Use and Planning: Energy, Building, Food, Water, Transportation, Parks/Conservation
Sustainability Master Plans for Desirable Places to Live, Work, Play: Safety, Environment, Health, Historical Significance, Diversity, Parks/Recreation, Public Transit, Complete Streets, Trees, Housing, Vibrant Downtown/Neighborhood Centers, and more
Applying New Standards and Policies
Future Frontiers in Sustainable Community Development
Environmental Justice Policies and Resources
Government and Grassroots Engagement
Institutionalizing an Infrastructure and Accountability: Green Purchasing, Recycling, Composting
Inspiring and Motivating People: Project-based organizing, champions, events
What Motivates Municipal Leaders to Foster Sustainable Development?
Strategies for Advancing Smart Growth, Environmental Justice, and Equitable Development


Building Energy
Renewable Energy Systems and Solutions
Smart Grids and MicroGrids
Conservation and Efficiency: Saving Energy and Money
Municipal Plans for Carbon Neutral Building Energy
Net-Zero-Home-Energy Neighborhoods
Net-Zero-Community Plans
Green Communities, Community Energy, Aggregation, PPAs, Community-shared solar
Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Issues (natural-gas leaks, Pipeline) and efforts to expand Clean Energy


Local and Regional Food Systems
Community Gardens and Farms
Co-ops, Farmers Markets, Farm to Table Day, Food Rescue
Food Safety and Security

Landscapes and Water

Limited Impact Development (LID) benefits
Sustainable Landscapes: recreation fields and yards, reduced chemicals and watering, bee pollination, rain gardens


Mobility Infrastructure: complete streets, public transit, biking, walking, fuel efficient vehicles


Zero Waste
Resource Management and Closed Loop Systems
Green Procurement: saving money as a sustainability driver


Tours and Tourism
Demonstration Projects
Green Chemistry, Health, and Ecosystems
Schools: Safe Routes to School, Green Schools, Life-Long-Habits Education
Climate Change: Community Adaptation and Resilience Plans
Restoring Ecosystems
Working with Local Campuses
Business Products and Services Dedicated to Sustainability
NonProfit and Community Organization Advocates for Sustainability/Environmental Health
Cooperatives in Communities
Industries Going Green
The Politics of Living Sustainably (advocacy > politics > education > business)
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Sustainable Campuses

Campus Sustainability Managers
Sustainability Action Plans: Implementation, Achievements, and Metrics
Educational Planning for the Future: Creating Curricula for Sustainable Living
The Campus as Sustainability Learning Laboratory
Campus Sustainability Best Practices: Energy, Food, Green Buildings, Pollution Reduction, Transportation, Other
The Changing Food Choices on Campus
Mobility: Walking, Biking, Transit, Ride Share, Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Getting to Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore, Compost
Investment, Divestment, and Purchasing Power Options
Student Groups and Movements that Affect Change
Research and Initiatives – Students, Staff, Faculty
Organizational Change Management
Communicating about Sustainability
Curriculum Frameworks and Coursework for Sustainability
Research and Analysis of Sustainable Living Options in Massachusetts
Alumni Influences on Campus Sustainability
College to Career Connections in Sustainability
Incubators for Entrepreneurs and New Business Opportunities
Workforce Development and Sustainability Opportunities
New Paradigms for Workforce Preparation
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Community and Campus Sustainability

How Are Campuses and Communities Working Together on Sustainability?
A Project that Connects Campus to Community Sustainability
Emerging “Town Gown” Sustainability Initiatives
Building, Food, Biking, Water, Energy, and Other Common Initiatives
Internships and Job Placement Opportunities in Communities
Alumni Created Campus-Community Sustainability Connections
Student Projects that Have Helped Communities
Community and Campus Success Stories
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Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.