International Conference on Sustainable Building and Infrastructure Engineering ICSBIE on February 15-16, 2024 in Bogota, Colombia

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International Conference on Sustainable Building and Infrastructure Engineering (ICSBIE) February 15, 2024 - Bogota, Colombia
Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure for Oil and Gas Facilities
Economics of Sustainable Building and Infrastructure Projects
Management Capacity for Sustainable Infrastructure
Green Highways and Pavement Technology
Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

Energy Efficient Building and Infrastructure
Zero Energy Office
Green Campus Initiative
Gas District Cooling and Cogeneration
Optimisation of Operational and Maintenance Practices

Building and Construction
Policies for Sustainable Building and Construction
Delivery and Performance in Sustainable Construction
Management in Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Construction Best Practices
High Performance in Sustainable Building
Building with Nature
Integrated Building Design
Indoor Environmental Quality
Green Concrete Technologies
Roles of Developers and Contractors in Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Building Rating System

Urban Storm Water and Rainwater Harvesting
Reservoir Management and Water Supply
Water Supply and Sanitation
Conservation and Water Use Efficiency
Economics Analysis of Water and Modelling Tools
Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Hazard Identification and Mitigation
Protection and Conservation of Water from Effluents
Sustainable Sanitary Landfill
Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts of Flood
Dam and Reservoirs as Flood Control Structures
Prevention and Mitigation Measures of Water Pollution
Water Pollution and Ecosystem Degradation
Environmental Impact Assessment
Local and Regional Landslides

Combating Climate Change Impact
Advancement of Sustainability
Opportunities and Challenges in Sustainability
Sustainable Development and Business Sustainability
Risk Management for Green Projects
Innovations and Sustainability
Sustainable Development

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Address: UAE

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