International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Science ICSECS on October 20-21, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Science (ICSECS) October 20, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Software Engineering:
Data Mining
Project Management
Requirement Analysis
Software Standards and Design
Programming Methodology
Software Testing and Quality Control
Web-based Services
Software Maintenance
Simulation and Modeling
Software agent systems
Software Architecture
Software Design and Development
Software Engineering based on Web
Software Performance Engineering
Text Mining and Event Mining

Computational Sciences
Numerical Algorithms and Analysis
Computational Simulation and Analysis
Hybrid and Combined Computational Methods
Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
Data Visualization and Virtual Reality
Bayes Network and Belief Network
Possibility Theory and Markov Models
Advanced Computing Architectures
Computational Mathematics
Computational Physics
Computational Chemistry
Computational Biology
Computational Graphics
Computational Engineering
Computational Intelligence
Computational Economics and Finance
Computational Linguistics
Computational Statistics
Computational Mechanics

Computational Sciences Applicatio
Scientific and Engineering Computing
Ubiquitous Computing and Pervasive Computing
Neural Computing and ANN
Signal and Image Processing
Neural networks and Applications
Machine LearningMultimedia System and Applications
Speech Processing
Image & video Signal Processing
Computer‐Aided Network DesignIntelligent Robot
Intelligent Circuits and Systems
Embedded System and Software
Artificial Intelligence
Distributed and parallel algorithms
Web and internet computing
Computational Intelligence
Database Technology and Application
Information Security and Management
Information Processing● Embedded System, Programming and Software
Multimedia Technology
Wireless and Optical Communications
Pattern Recognition
Grid Computing & Applications
Web Services
Decision Support System
Search Engine Technology
Virtual Reality Technology
Intelligent Transportation Technology
Data Visualization

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Address: UAE

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