International Conference on Society, Tourism, Education and Politics ICSTEP on June 24-25, 2023 in Oslo, Norway

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International Conference on Society, Tourism, Education and Politics (ICSTEP) June 24, 2023 - Oslo, Norway
Adolescent Development and problems.
Animal Studies and Sociology.
Communication Campaign Design.
Community/ Area, History and Culture.
Contemporary Sociological Theory.
Culture and Consumption.
Cultural Anthropology.
Data Management of Social Statistics.
Geographic Information System in Sociology.
Historical Sociology.
History of Social Thought.
Interdisciplinary Studies.
Labor Administration and Labor Legislation.
Methodology of Sociology.
Political Sociology.
Post Modern Theory and Cultural Studies.
Social Evolutionism.
Social Marketing.
Social Organization.
Social Policy.
Social Policy Research.
Social Problems.
Social Psychology.
Social Research Methods.
Social Statistics.
Sociological Theory.
Sociology of Health and Illness.
Sociology on the Menu.
The Sociology of Art
The Sociology of Gender.
The Sociology of Leisure.
Theory of Media.
Urban Sociology.
Welfare Sociology.
Tourism themes:
Tourism Policy.
Tourism Development and Finance.
Tourism Management.
Internal Tourism.
Work and Leisure.
Tourism Training.
Hotel and Institutional Management.
Other areas of Tourism And Leisure.
Education themes:
Alternative Assessment of Teaching.
Anthropology of Education.
Children's Psychology.
Cognitive Psychology.
Comparative Education.
Comparison of Child Education in Different Countries.
Creative and Individualized Teaching.
Creativity and Special Abilities.
Critical Theory and Education.
Curriculum Development and Design.
Decision of Educational Administration.
Development of School-based Curriculum.
Developmental Psychology.
Early Childhood Education.
Economics of Education.
Education Marketing.
Education Reform.
Educational Evaluation.
Educational Finance.
Educational Philosophy.
Educational Psychology.
Elementary Education.
Finance of Education.
Gender Education.
Group Guidance in Classroom.
Hermeneutics and Education.
History of Education.
Home Education.
Human Resource Management and Development in Education.
Humanism and Education.
Instructional Design.
Interpersonal Relationships and Communication.
Introduction to Education.
Introduction to Special Education.
Law of Education.
Leadership in Educational Administration.
Life Education.
Management of Educational Business.
Methods of Educational Research.
Modern Thoughts on Education.
Multicultural Education.
Organizational Behavior in Education.
Parent Education.
Philosophy of Education.
Politics of Education.
Postmodern Thoughts.
Primary Education.
Psychological and Educational Assessment.
Sociology of Teaching.
Special Education.
Teaching Talent Training.
Testing and Evaluation in Education.
Politics themes:
A Comparative Study of National Ocean.
Contemporary Thoughts in the World.
Development and Trends in Global Politics.
Development Economics and the Future of the Third World.
Euro and the European Economic and Monetary Union.
European Law
Foreign Policy.
Foreign Relations of the European Union.
Geopolitics and International Security.
Global Communication and International Relations.
Global Conflicts and the World Order.
Global Democracy and International Order.
Global Environmental Problems.
Global Governance.
Global Politics and Grand Strategy.
Hegemony and the World Order.
International Economics and Trade: Theory and Policy.
International Law
International Law and the Use of Force.
International Politics and Modern Civilization.
International Political Economics.
International Security and Strategies.
International Terrorism.
Issues of the Third World Development.
Maritime Zones and Functional Uses of the Ocean.
Methodology of International Relations Research.

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