International Conference on Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business and Ethics ICSRSBE on December 02-03, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business and Ethics (ICSRSBE) December 02, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sustainable business
Sustainable business models
Corporate sustainability strategies
Triple top-line value production
Nature-based knowledge and technology
Products of service to products of consumption
Solar, wind, geothermal and ocean energy
Local-based organizations and economies
Continuous improvement process
Social entrepreneurship
Business models for a circular economy
Creativity in applying sustainable business models
Successful sustainable business models
Value creation challenges of sustainable business models
Origins of sustainable business models
Sustainability and the roles of government
Corporate entrepreneurship
Creativity, innovation and technology
Process improvement
Greening the supply chain
Social entrepreneurship

Building social responsibility into corporate strategy
Challenges of social inclusion: gender, inequalities, and human rights
Child labor, forced labor and labor trafficking
Clean production and sustainable product design and development
Comparative studies in CSR
Corporate graft and whistleblowers
Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
Corporate social responsibility, governance and sustainable development
Cross-cultural corporate social responsibility
CSR and communication public relations, pressure groups and media
CSR and consumers: cause related marketing, and social marketing
CSR in banking industry and financial institutions
CSR in the crisis and disaster management
CSR issues relating to multinational enterprises
CSR networks and cooperations
Economics of CSR
Fighting corporate greed and combating corruption
Global governance and corporate liability
Green supply chain analysis and social responsibility in global supply chains
Human rights and business sustainability
Illicit business practices: child labor, forced labor and labor trafficking
Integrating ethics and social responsibility in marketing strategies
International labor rights
Leadership, creativity, and social responsibility
Reconciling the interests of management and workers
Regulatory rules of foreign direct investment
Reporting and auditing of CSR
Safety, health and environment
Self-regulations, codes of conduct and voluntary compliance
Social responsibility in public service organizations and NGOs
Socially responsible investment (SRI)
Socially responsible products
Strategic CSR for SMEs
Strategic human resources management and social responsibility
Supply chain management
Sustainability reporting systems
The future of CSR and responsible investment
The role of governments in business
The role of NGOs and other elements of civil society
Towards modern welfare economics
Waste management
Women rights and workplace environment
Workplace safety

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