International Conference on Social Media Technologies and Applications ICSMTA on December 09-10, 2021 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Social Media Technologies and Applications (ICSMTA) December 09, 2021 - London, United Kingdom
Social media technologies and applications
Recent advances in social media technologies
Social media engineering
Social network engineering
Social media analytics
Improving social media and social media software
Software engineering applications for social media
Contemporary problems in social media
Advanced algorithms for social media networks
Privacy and security issues
Cybersecurity and cyber threats
Machine learning and natural language processing
Social media and social sciences
Models of propagation and influence in twitter, blogs and social tagging systems
Models of expertise and trust in twitter, wikis, newsgroups, question and answering systems
Agent-based models of social media
Models of emergent social media properties
Cooperation and collaboration models
Modeling social media users and their motivations and goals
Architectural and framework models
User modeling and behavioral models

Social media mining
Applications of social data mining
Recent advancements and discussions
Fundamentals of social computing
Statistical modeling of large networks
Communities discovery and analysis in large-scale social networks
Large-scale graph algorithms for social network analysis
Reputation, trust, privacy and security in social networks
Expert systems and decision-making for social media data
Recommendation systems and marketing
Methods for tie strength or link prediction
Methods for extracting and understanding user and group behavior
Crowdsourcing and collective intelligence
Other issues related to various social computing applications and case studies
Community structure
Community detection, evolution, and evaluation
Network measuring centrality, transitivity, reciprocity, balance, status, and similarity
Network models, simulation and analysis
Sentiment analysis in social media
Social spammer detection
Trust in social media
Distrust and negative links
Role of social media in crises
Location-based social network mining
Vulnerability management

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