International Conference on Smart Grids and Electrical Engineering ICSGEE on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Smart Grids and Electrical Engineering (ICSGEE) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Real-Time Systems
Architectures for Smart Grids
Smart Grids Modeling
Smart Grid Specific Protocols
Scalable Infrastructures for Smart Grids
Standards for Smart Grids
Load Balancing in Smart Grids
Smart Grid Security and Reliability
Smart Grids and Renewable Technologies
Sensors for Smart Grids
Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery in Smart Grids
Integration of Smart Appliances
Smart Cities
Smart Homes (Domotics)

Optimization Techniques for Efficient Energy Consumption
Economic Models of Energy Efficiency
Greener Systems Planning and Design
Energy-Efficient Transmission Technologies
Energy Monitoring
Virtualization for Reducing Power Consumption
Scheduling and Switching Power Supplies
Performance Evaluation of Green Computing Systems
Energy Profiling and Measurement
Renewable Energy Resources
Embedded Sensor Networks
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Energy Management Systems (EMS)

User-Centred and Participatory Design of Services and Systems for Smart Cities
Innovation Labs, Experimental Test-Beds and Simulation Environments
Internet-Enabled Infrastructures and Services
Mechanisms for Motivating Behaviour Change
Service Innovation and Design to Support Smart Cities
Assessing Value and Impact of Smart Cities
Cloud Computing and Service Models for Smart City Solutions
e-Work and e-Business Applications
Planning and Design Challenges for Smart Cities
Mechanisms to Measure Quality of Life in Smart Cities
Security and Privacy Implications
Service Delivery and Logistics Planning for Smart Cities
Standardisation and Open Interfaces of Smart City Systems, Platforms and Applications
Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Management
Smart Sensor-Based Networks and Applications
IS Architecture Designs and Platforms for Smart Cities
Case Studies and Innovative Applications for Smart(er) Cities

Electrical Engineering
Power Engineering
Control engineering
Signal processing
Diagnosis & Sensing Systems
Micro Machines
MEMS - Related Technology
Energy and Environment
Rolling Stocks
Safety and Security
Condition Monitoring
Power Distribution in Railway
Operation and Fare Collecting Technology
Electrical Materials and Process
Semiconductor Technology
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
Electronic Materials
Education and Training for Electrical Engineers
Electrical Discharges
Electromagnetic Theory
Electromagnetic Environment
Instrument and Measurement
Light Applications and Visual Science
Pulsed Power
Dielectric Materials
Metals and Ceramics
Power System & Energy
Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Industry Applications
Electric Railway

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