International Conference on Shale Energy Engineering ICSEE on October 20-21, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Shale Energy Engineering (ICSEE) October 20, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Water Resources Management in Shale Oil and Gas Development
Water Sourcing and Storage for Shale Oil and Gas Operations
Development of water resources for shale oil and gas operations (surface and ground water availability)
Transport and storage of fresh waters for well development (trucking, pipelines, storage ponds)
Alternative water supplies for well development (mine drainage,brackish water)
Beneficial water reuse (flowback and produced water reuse)

Produced Water Management
Produced water storage
Treatment technologies for reuse and disposal
Produced water disposal options

On Site Water Issues
Protection of groundwater
Prevention of surface discharges
Stormwater runoff issues
Streams and wetlands protection
Lifecycle water management

Geological and Geotechnical Aspects of Shale Oil and Gas Well Development
Geotechnical investigation and characterization of shale formations
Advancements in drilling and fracturing processes
Geomechanics and modeling of hydraulic fracturing
Well casing and cementation processes
Well integrity monitoring and evaluation
Re-fracturing efficiency studies
Micro-seismic monitoring of hydraulically fractured formations
Characterizing and validating the seismic impact of injection wells and hydraulic fracturing
Long-term integrity and risk-management of shale oil and gas developed sites
Site abandonment procedures

Environmental, Regulatory and Public Policy Issues
Human health assessment and occupational hazards of shale oil and gas production
Environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing and mitigation including habitat destruction, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions
Best environmental practices in shale oil and gas production
Public policy issues related to shale oil and gas production
Land use and zoning; use of federal lands
Examination of the developing marketplace for oil and natural gas
Environmental regulations: local,state, and federal comparisons
Air pollution regulations and impact on oil and gas production
Greenhouse gas regulations related to shale oil and gas production
Regulations related to underground water injection
Stormwater regulations for discharges associated with oil and gas production
Risk management in shale oil and gas production

Supporting Infrastructure Development for Shale Oil and Gas Production
Transportation network issues related to shale oil and gas exploration (truck traffic effects, utilization of railroad systems)
Design of roadway systems to support shale oil and gas development
Design, construction and management of surface impoundments for water storage or disposal (pits, ponds, etc.)
Drilling pad design and construction
Design and construction management for supporting structures needed in the shale oil and gas industry
Civil/site development issues
Erosion and sediment control
Pipeline infrastructure development
Long-term gathering and distribution pipeline management (documentation, integrity)
Waste management practices
Asset management technologies (RFID, etc)
Utility and structure damage prevention practices (one-call, utility mapping)

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