International Conference on Semantic Systems ICSS on December 01-02, 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand

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International Conference on Semantic Systems (ICSS) December 01, 2021 - Auckland, New Zealand
Quality of Semantic Data on the Web
Provenance information for the web of data
Large scale ontology inspection, maintenance and repair
Co-reference detection and dataset reconciliation
Quality analysis and metrics for the web of data
Trust, privacy and security in semantic web applications

Corporate Semantic Web
Corporate thesauri, business vocabularies, ontologies and rules
Semantic business, e-commerce and m-commerce systems
Semantic procurement for enterprises and governments
Semantics, pragmatics and semiotics in organizations
Enterprise trust and reputation management
Organisational issues in the deployment and application of semantic technologies

Social Semantic Web
Enriching social web data and information with semantics and linked data
Semantically-enabled social platforms and applications
Users as virtual and physical sensors and devices for a ubiquitous social semantic web
Semantic based personalization, as e.g. for recommendations, social navigation, collaborative search, social filtering, etc
Reality augmented by the social semantic web
Querying, mining and analysis of social semantic web data and dynamics
Representing and reasoning with uncertainty, provenance, trust in social web data
Ethical issues related to the use of user generated content & linked data

Semantic Content Engineering
Collaborative ontology engineering
Ontology modularity, alignment and merging
Ontology design patterns and life cycle management
Ontology learning and knowledge acquisition
Semantic annotation and tagging
Making sense of microposts
Semantic content management systems

Semantic Multimedia
Semantic-driven multimedia applications
Multimedia ontologies and infrastructures
Content-based semantic multimedia analysis and data mining
Semantic-driven multimedia indexing and retrieval
Named entity recognition and disambiguation in multimedia documents
Human-computer interfaces and visualization for multimedia data access

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