International Conference on Robotics Design Process and Methodology ICRDPM on May 06-07, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Robotics Design Process and Methodology (ICRDPM) May 06, 2023 - Istanbul, Turkey
Robot system design
Design principles for intelligent systems
Information theoretic implications of embodiment
Synthetic methodology
Emergence systems
Diversity compliance
Time perspectives
Frame of reference
Agent design principles
Three constituents
Complete agent
Parallel, loosely coupled processes
Sensorymotor coodination
Cheap design
Dynamic analysis of drives
Mechanically driven bodies
Electromagnetic drive
Electric drives
Hydraulic drive
Kinematics and control of automatic machines
Position function
Master controller, amplifiers
Dynamic accuracy
Damping of harmful vibrations
Automatic vibration damping
Electrically controlled vibration dampers
Feedback sensors
Linear and angular displacement sensors
Speed and flow-rate sensors
Force sensors
Temperature sensors
Item presence sensors
Transporting devices
General considerations
Linear transportation
Rotational transportation
Vibrational transportation
Feeding and orientation devices
Feeding of liquid and granular materials
General discussion of orientation of parts
Passive orientation
Active orientation
Logical orientation
Orientation by nonmechanical means
Functional systems and mechanisms
Automatic assembling
Special means of assembly
Inspection systems
Miscellaneous mechanisms
Dynamics of manipulators
Kinematics of manipulators
Mobile and walking robots

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