International Conference on Robotics and Mechanisms ICRM on May 06-07, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Robotics and Mechanisms (ICRM) May 06, 2023 - Istanbul, Turkey
Applications of robotics
Applications of robotics, advantages and disadvantages
Current and common research projects
Innovations in robotics
Robotics and engineering applications
Kinematics, dynamics, and control
Dexterous manipulation
Locomotion, nonlinear control, and visual serving
Mechanisms of robots
Design, humanoids, hands, and legged system
Snakes, and novel actuators
Reconfigurable robots and mems/nems
Micro/nanobots, and novel sensors
Haptics and tactile interfaces
Planning and algorithms for robots
Motion planning, task planning, coordination, complexity and completeness
Computational geometry, simulation, and planning
Contact modeling, grasp synthesis, and assembly
Force control and manipulation planning
Human-robot interaction and human centered systems
Brain-machine interfaces, and telerobotics
Human augmentation, and assistive robots,
Social robots, safe interaction, robots and art
Grounded language acquisition
Natural language generation
Human-robot dialogue
Underwater robotics
Aerial/space robotics
Agricultural and mining robotics
Distributed systems
Multi-robot systems
Networked robots
Medical robotics
Robot-assisted procedures
Smart surgical tools
Rehabilitation robotics
Interventional therapy
Image-guided procedures
Surgical simulation
Soft-tissue modeling
Biological robotics
Biomimetic robotics
Robotic investigation of biological science and systems
Neurobotics, prosthetics, robotics and molecular biology
Robot perception
Vision, tactile and force perception, and range sensing
Sensor fusion, calibration and identification
Mobile systems and mobility
Mapping, localization, navigation, slam
Collision avoidance, and exploration
Estimation and learning for robotic systems
Reinforcement learning
Bayesian techniques
Deep learning
Graphical models
Imitation learning

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