International Conference on Robotic Mapping ICRM on April 22-23, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Robotic Mapping (ICRM) April 22, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Robotic mapping
Robotic navigation and localization
Path planning and systematic exploration
Robotic mapping and communication systems
Correctness, consistency, and criteria for evaluating spatial representations
Information adequacy, extractability, and maintainability
Efficiency and scalability
Spatial representation and organization
Basic spatial representation approaches
Coordinate-based representations
Occupancy-based representations
Geometric representations
Landmark-based representations
Relational representations
View graph representations
Route graph representations
Organizational forms
Plain representation
Hierarchical organization
Local coordinate-based and global relational representation
Combining different organizational forms
Robotic mapping problem
Kalman filter approaches
Expectation maximization algorithms
Hybrid approaches
Occupancy grid maps
Object maps
Mapping dynamic environments

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Address: UAE

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