International Conference on Quantum Photonics, Information and Communication ICQPIC on January 25-26, 2023 in Paris, France

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International Conference on Quantum Photonics, Information and Communication (ICQPIC) January 25, 2023 - Paris, France
Quantum optics and quantum photonics
Applications of slow light
Carbon graphene and nanotubes-like systems
Carbon nanotubes and graphene
Cavity polaritons
Classical and quantum information processing devices and systems
Coherent manipulation of solid-state emitters
Condensed matter theory: mesoscopic physics
Development of nanostructures for photonics
Diamond nonlinear photonics
Entanglement distillation
Entanglement in quantum dot systems and quantum dot molecules
Experimental quantum optics
Fabrication of photonic crystals used in the construction of photonic devices including slow-light devices
Fundamental studies of transverse modes of light
Graphene opto-electronics
Imaging at the single-photon level
Integrated photonics
Integrated quantum photonics
I-vi semiconductor growth
Many-body physics
Micro-macro entanglement
Multimode entanglement
Nanoscale and quantum photonics
Nonlinear optics
Open quantum systems and entanglement
Optical spectroscopy
Precision measurement
Quantum dot nuclear spin dynamics
Quantum dots
Quantum hall systems
Quantum information theory
Quantum interferometry
Quantum nonlinear optics
Quantum optics and cold atoms research
Quantum optics and mesoscopic condensed matter physics
Quantum photonic orbital angular momentum
Quantum photonics and quantum information
Quantum photonics laboratory
Quantum silicon photonics
Quantum well cavity-polaritons
Quantum-enhanced sensing for real-time imaging of neural activity in the brain
Secure communication based on quantum key distribution
Single-photon counting
Solid-state atomic clocks
Synthesis of luminescent europium defects in diamond
Two photon hypentangled/cluster states

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