International Conference on Quantum Mechanics for Engineering and Applied Physics ICQMEAP on December 02-03, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Quantum Mechanics for Engineering and Applied Physics (ICQMEAP) December 02, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Quantum Theory
Quantum Mechanics
Wave-Particle Duality
Classical Wave Motion
Periodic Boundary Conditions and Complex Fourier Components
Fourier Series and Fourier Integrals
Wave Nature of Particles
Development of the Time-Dependent and Time-Independent Schrödinger Wave Equations
Wave-Packet Solutions and the Uncertainty Relation
Expectation Values for Quantum-Mechanical Operators
Probability Current Density
Energy Levels and Density of States
Bound-State Problems

Quantum Statistics of Many-Particle Systems
Many-Particle Systems and Quantum Statistics
Wave Functions for a Many-Particle System
Statistics for a Many-Particle System
Free-Electron Model and the Boltzmann Equation

Approximation Techniques for the Schrödinger Equation
The WKB Approximation and Electron Tunneling
Development of the WKB Approximation
Application of the WKB Technique to Barrier Penetration
Tunneling in Metal-Insulator-Metal Structures
Temperature Dependence of the Electron Tunnel Current
Applications of Electron Tunneling

Perturbation Theory, Diffraction of Valence Electrons and the Nearly-Free-Electron Model
Stationary-State Perturbation Theory
Higher-Order Perturbations and Applications
Degenerate Case for Second-Order Treatment
Removal of Degeneracy in Second Order
Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory
Transition Probability and Fermi's Golden Rule
Differential Cross Section for Scattering
Diffraction of Electrons by the Periodic Potential of a Crystal
Diffraction of Conduction Electrons and the Nearly-Free-Electron Model
Differential Scattering Cross Section for Plane-Wave States and a Coulomb Potential
Energy Bands in Crystals

The Periodicity of Crystalline Solids
Unit Cells and Bravais Lattices
Miller Indices and Crystal Directions
Specific Crystal Structures
Crystal Bonding
Wigner-Seitz Cell

Bloch's Theorem and Energy Bands for a Periodic Potential
Fourier Series Expansions for Arbitrary Functions of Position within the Crystal
The Periodic Potential Characteristic of the Perfect Monocrystal
The Hamiltonian for an Electron in a Periodic Potential
Fourier Series Derivation of Bloch's Theorem
Properties of Bloch Functions
Correspondence with the Free-Electron Model
Additional Properties of Bloch Functions
Energy Bands from the Viewpoint of the One-Electron Atomic Levels
Energy Gaps and Energy Bands: Insulators, Semiconductors, and Metals

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