International Conference on Quantum Engineering and Advanced Devices ICQEAD on February 08-09, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Quantum Engineering and Advanced Devices (ICQEAD) February 08, 2023 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Quantum Engineering
Quantum Information
Quantum Computation
Quantum Correlations and Decoherence
Quantum Optics
Quantum Cryptography
NMR Quantum Computing
Superconducting Quantum Devices
Silicon and Quantum Dot based Devices
Quantum Computing with Cold Atoms
Tests of Quantum Theory
Quantum Spintronics and Engineering

Fundamentals of quantum mechanics and their applications
Quantum states and their superposition
Measurements, observables and operators
Collapse of wave packets
Heisenberg uncertainty relations
The Schrödinger equation
Application to tunneling microscopy
The one-dimensional well and confinement effects in semiconductors
Perturbation theory
Confined Stark effect
Emission and absorption of light

Quantum nanodevices
Quantum confinement and microelectronics
Schrödinger-Poisson coupling (small MOS, HEMT)
Transport phenomena in low-dimensional systems
Transport phenomena in planar systems (e.g. HEMT)
Tunnel effects (MOS, RTD)
Nanoelectronic with single electrons
Coulomb blockade
Single-electron transistors
Confinement and optoelectronics
Confinement and charge carriers
Combined confinement of charge carriers and photons
Single-photon sources

Quantum information and communication
The quantum bit exemplified by the photon
Quantum cryptography
Entanglement, Bell inequalities and the Aspect experiment
Quantum teleportation
Examples of simple quantum-computing algorithms
Classical information versus quantum information
The problem of decoherence

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