International Conference on Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics ICQAMP on October 04-05, 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia

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International Conference on Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics (ICQAMP) October 04, 2023 - Tbilisi, Georgia
Quantum mechanics
Quantum physics
Quantum theory
Basic ideas of quantum mechanics
Single-particle systems
Multiple-particle systems
Time evolution
Mathematical formulations
Mathematically equivalent formulations of quantum mechanics
Interactions with other scientific theories
Quantum mechanics and classical physics
Copenhagen interpretation of quantum versus classical kinematics
General relativity and quantum mechanics
Attempts at a unified field theory
Philosophical implications
Quantum computing
Macroscale quantum effects
Quantum theory
Free particle
Step potential
Rectangular potential barrier
Particle in a box
Finite potential well
Harmonic oscillator

Accelerator based AMO Experiments
Applications of AMO Physics
Astronomical/Atmospheric Processes
Atom and Ion Traps
Atom interferometry and atomic clocks
Atomic and molecular astrophysics
Atomic and molecular collisions
Atomic and molecular processes in plasmas
Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
Atomic tests of fundamental physics
Atoms in optical lattices
Attosecond physics
Bose-Einstein condensates
Cavity QED
Clusters and nanoparticles
Coherent control
Cold atoms and molecules
Degenerate quantum gases
Electron Collisions
Fundamental physics, precision measurements and metrology
High pressure plasma sources
Intense Laser-Matter Interactions
Ion-Atom-Molecule Collisions
Laser produced plasmas
Laser spectroscopy
Low pressure plasma sources
Molecular reaction dynamics
Photon induced processes
Photophysics and collisions of biomolecules
Physical basis of plasma chemistry
Plasma and discharges theory and simulation
Plasma diagnostics
Plasma surface interaction (boundary layers, sheath, surface processes)
Plasmas and gas flows
Precision measurements
Quantum information processing with atoms and ions
Quantum optics and cavity QED with atoms
Quantum Optics and Information
Self-organization in plasmas, dusty plasmas
Strong fields
Structure and Spectroscopy
Surface reaction dynamics and self-assembly
Surfaces and Clusters
Transport phenomena, particle velocity distribution function
Ultracold atoms and molecules
Ultracold Fermi gases
Ultra-Cold Systems
Ultrafast dynamics
Ultrafast phenomena and intense field interactions
Upper Atmospheric Plasmas and Space Plasmas

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